IBM® Overview

International Business Machines Corporation or IBM, is an American multinational technology with its headquarters in Armonk, New York, United States. IBM (International Business Machines) is by far the world's largest information technology company in terms of revenue ($88 billion in 2000) and by most other measures, a position it has held for about the past 50 years.

IBM Products And Support

IBM products include hardware and software for a line of business servers, storage products, custom-designed microchips and application software. Increasingly, IBM derives revenue from a range of consulting and outsourcing services. IBM support is available for all products and gadgets in use as trained professionals at America Geeks are well-versed in IBM technologies.

How America Geeks Can Help

As a leading electronic industry, there is a great scope for IBM support. The technical support engineers at America Geeks are well versed with operational functions of this brand and can provide the help a user may need to use their system successfully. No question goes unanswered when you come to us. Let's get started today!!